AMS Training – Health & Safety in the Workplace

November 2018

HeArt of the community, Pentagon Centre, Chatham

Number of participants interested: 15.    Actual referrals: 12.   Number attended: 11.


The Hub funded one day Level 2 Health & Safety in the workplace course was arranged to upskill existing TMSE YP and Launch Pad participants to improve their individual skills, boast their CV and to ensure the TMSE YP had additional qualifications that employers look for to support their chances of gaining employability, especially as TMSE is coming to an end Dec 2018.

 This course is a classroom based training with a multiple choice exam at the end. This was an extremely long day for both our learners and all credit to Andy from AMS Training for keeping up the enthusiasm throughout, there were many discussion throughout the day and these were encouraged and steered by Andy as they indicated learning taking place of the subject matter which at times can be quite dull.

 Many learners were a little anxious at the thought of a multiple choice exam however by the time they all actually sat the test they were prepared, settled and ready. 

‘The group were engaging, asked really good relevant questions which allowed me to embed the learning of a subject that lacks excitement, it was a very long day and they all did well’

Andy Smith

AMS Training


Well done to all learners who attended for this training, you’ve done yourselves proud.

ALL 11 learners passed and have gained certification in Level 2 Health & Safety in the Workplace

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