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On the 10th October 2019, 4 Launch Pad participants took part in a group work experience at Cancer research in Sheerness.

The group had low confidence before the day, so we did a preparation session where we explored expectations, behaviours and confidence building.  The reason behind a group work experience was to decrease the level of anxiety about the day and enable peer motivation.

When they arrived they  were given a full induction and shown each section, they then spilt up into small groups to sort stock for display.  They really became part of the team.  They learnt first hand how communication is essential.  They were able to work from their own initiative to display stock.

The structure of day meant the group was able to get a true insight into how a working day may work within a retail environment. They were able to see first hand how their skills and abilities could be valuable within this type of work place.

The young people said it not only gave them confidence learning new skills and putting them into practice  but also how to effectively answer interview questions having now completed some tasks they may not have done before.

Cancer Research were fully supportive in training all the young people in any section they showed an interest in.  One young person Chris progressed so well whilst there that he has continued to volunteer and is now being trained up to handle cash and serve on the tills.

It was great to see the team working well together, when they initially started they were a little nervous but this soon faded as they fitted in well with the existing team.   I loved to see them working from their own initiative putting out stock and working in different sections


Assistant Manager, Cancer Research

I really enjoyed my time at Cancer Research, I have decided to volunteer there as I believe it will help me to gain more retail skills. It was good to have the chance to experience this day, I had the opportunity to see first hand what the work is like. 


Launch Pad Participant

It was so great to see some of the young people take themselves outside their normal comfort zone, with excellent results.  The decision was taken to make this a group work experience to help with those anxieties this group may have had in a new working environment.  Once there the group worked so well with the existing staff members within the store and it was so rewarding to have positive feedback not only from the young participants but also from the staff at Cancer Research.  


Employer & Skills Network

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