Case Study – Hastings Borough Council

Working together with partner organisations to support young people with Work Experience, which will prepare them from the world of work not just practically but also socially. Young Person S was referred to ESN as he is really keen on becoming a programmer, but unsure about what a programmer would do as a job role. S had started university but did not completed due to anxiety. S did a lot for programming for Apps at home on his own, so did not know what it would be like if he were to work as a programmer for a large organisation. I met S on a couple of occasions with his mentors, and it help him as I am very familiar with the IT sector. We could discuss options and development and all the different IT roles from Desk top support to infrastructure. S was very keen to just concentrate on programming so we looked at the organisations with our area that have IT department big enough to have a programing department. This was only Hastings Direct and Hastings Borough Council. Hastings Borough Council support the Talent Match project and although going through a period of change themselves they were able to offer S work experience, but it would not be in the programming department but in the IT support department. S was willing to give this a go and he started a 4 week 1 day a week WEX with Hastings Borough Council which finished in early December 2016. During his feedback session at the end of the WEX he commented on how much he had enjoyed not just the work completed by him and the team but also the variety of work done and how well he got on in the team. The IT Manager at Hastings Borough Council was pleased with the way the WEX had gone as it was the first time he had been responsible for providing work experience to a Young Person. He felt the whole experience ran very smoothly knowing that he had the support for ESN whenever he needed it. At the end of the feedback Hastings Borough Council offered S another WEX in the New Year for 2 full weeks as they felt he would gain more skills and experience being there every day for this period of time. S was thrilled and keen to take up the offer, and for him going from I only want to program, seeing all the other opportunities about has made him open up to more job roles which can only improve his chances of gaining employment in the sector he wishes to work in.

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