Cooking on a Budget

A group of 6 Launch Pad participants took part in our Cooking on Budget workshop on 31st October 2019. The aim of the day was for the group to learn how to cook dishes using a limited budget and cooking resources.

Using only hot water, a microwave and a fridge the group made 4 dishes:

Love your Leftovers lunch

Chicken & Mushroom Cobbler

Potato Boats

White Chocolate Cheesecake

The group learnt how to put these dishes together using quick measuring techniques for the ingredients.  Each participant was able to make their own dishes and were given recipe cards and costings to replicate the dishes at home.


Claire from Where D’ya Get That! Catering made the session easy and accessible for all. She had patience and took time with those in the group who struggled at first and made sure everyone worked on their own individual dishes.  She encouraged the group to try new things.


Wasn’t sure what to expect, felt nervous teaching young adults. Will they think I am boring or telling them what to do (mum nagging like) my fears were not necessary, I felt they responded to me, enjoyed the class and took home new ideas and skills

Claire Wood

Where d'ya get that Catering

This session not only provided participants with cookery on a budget, but also built confidence to try new skills.  It was great to see them becoming more confident in their own abilities and proud of their achievements.

All participants who took part really enjoyed the session and all said they would recommend it to others.

This session built my confidence in the kitchen and also helped me to plan meals.  It was great to learn new skills. I would like to learn more about cookery  and I am currently looking at a possible career within catering. I am definitely making the cheesecake at home!


Launch Pad Participant

This session not only provided the participants with the skills needed to cook on a budget. It was a great opportunity to enhance social as well as life skills.  It is unfair to assume these skills will be automatically part of someone’s experiences.  It is great to provide the building blocks to not only improve employability and career prospects but also to give the opportunity to learn new skills which will help in daily life.


Employer & Skills Network

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