Creative Futures Phase 2

Creative Futures delivered by Colchester Institute was an enterprise exclusively formed for Young People on Talent Match embodied with a 2017 and beyond outlook to learning, developing, and upskilling in a creative and inventive manner.

Creative Futures Phase 2 was brought to life through discussion, taster days and research amongst young people’s barriers to learning and a succession of ideas being brought together to form one wholesome programme.

The programme was managed by the Employer and Skills Network (KATO) and supported by dedicated mentors from YMCA and Prince’s Trust.

Throughout the four weeks participants were introduced to a range of techniques to express themselves like never before.

2D cut out animation, Claymation, Facial mapping software for lip synching, Live-action animation, Team work/decision making, Planning/time management

• Filmmaking:
Camera & composition, Sound levels & recording basics, Story boarding, News story / product review / social commentary, Video editing, Team work, Decision making / time management, Body language & self-projection, Planning/leadership, Breaking down group barriers & dynamics

• Mindfulness:
Meditation & gentle movement techniques to notice thoughts, emotions, or sensations that arise & to learn to be more present in their experience

• Emotional Resilience – Health and wellbeing

• Values & Life Skills

• Communication Development

Animation films and TV triumphs such as the Disney classics, Toy Story & Frozen now mean a much wider audience enjoy and engage in the vocal and digital expression animation holds, children and adults alike.

The young people actively expressed through the course of the programme that they found their inner voice from creating personal animated models with an alter ego attached.

Some young people said they can now actively express themselves more confidently using animation as a starting point to hinder nerves and anxiety they previously struggled with.
The real testing point began at the editing process after completing the Film-making segment. Analysis and appraisal was a tough subject for many, with plenty of them not being able to (or wanting to) recognise their remarkable efforts.
It was at this point that a group of eight young people formed a beautiful friendship and bond by uplifting one another and injecting humour and resilience by distinguishing that each of them had a special talent that needed to be applauded.

Colchester Institute are renowned for their Mindfulness programmes and we felt the learning journey wouldn’t be complete for the Talent Match participants without an element of Mindfulness attached. Some struggled with this concept, others utterly embraced it; one thing is for sure during the yoga sessions we all questioned our levels of flexibility!

All good things must come to an end, that being said everyone at ESN and Talent Match are hoping and looking forward to those who completed this course to utilise the skills and methods studied to engage better, build worthwhile and everlasting relationships with peers and non-peers alike and determine the course of their own bright futures!

*A very special Thank you to Luc Adams – you made it all possible!

“I would have liked a longer course as, I did not want it to end.”
Guowei Liang
“Luc the tutor made me feel comfortable.”
Kate Jones
“I enjoyed everything about the course.”
Stuart Williamson
“The Mindfulness was relaxing.”
Beth Stockton
“I loved the media part.”
Lucy Crawley

Quotes from some of the participants

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