Deanna’s Story

Deanna commenced onto Talent Match after attending the Princes Trust Fairbridge programme in Chatham.  She was matched with a CXK mentor.  At first Deanna didn’t really engage at all however after some time and a lot of persuading she started to attend eventually meeting her new CXK mentor Lucy and engaging in Job Jumps where Claire of ESN supported in training and work experience.  Deanna completed work experience at Fort Amherst supporting security; she then completed her SIA licence and started work.  Deanna has done Door security, Dover Dock security and is now moving onto CCTV training.



Deanna with SIA Licence

My Talent Match Journey has been amazing, everything I needed for work I now have.

My CXK mentor, Lucy, and Claire from ESN have taught me good communication skills and have been there if I needed someone to talk to.

Everyone in Talent Match are so friendly and are always willing to help me, achieve more goals and help me in my day to day life.

Without Talent Match I would be jobless and not wanting to do anything with my life. I appreciate and am thankful for everything they’ve done.


Deanna is proof that with support, guidance and consistency, young people CAN achieve what they dream of.

We are so very proud of Deanna and how she has grown in self esteem, confidence, maturity and now has a true sense of purpose. 


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