Dress to Impress Challenge

The aim of this activity was to demonstrate to a group of young people that you could buy interview clothes on a budget.

They were split into two groups and each group was given a budget of £20 to buy a complete interview outfit, the groups were set a time limit of 1 hour. The group could choose to buy interview clothes for any member of their team and from any location as long as it was within budget.   This task was designed to improve skills such as:


  •  Managing budget
  • Team Work
  • Time management
  • Communication

The groups quickly decided that their best option was to explore the charity shops within Sheerness, each group worked together to decide on the items, manage the money and to present the best interview attire they could find.

When they returned, each group presented the complete outfit they had purchased, they gave details on why they had chosen certain items and how much it had cost.

I was surprised how much I could buy with the budget just by shopping around. We worked well as team to find the best items at the right price and I believe we achieved a great overall interview look

Emma Taylor

The group completely explored appropriate interview attire, they talked about why it was important to dress to impress.  Some members of this group had little or no experience of budget management so they were able to experience this first hand.  It was great to see confidence improving not only through the excellent communication and team work but also the understanding shown by the group of the correct way to present themselves at interview.  It’s not  about wearing the most expensive clothes or being “perfect”; it’s about presenting the best version of yourself. 

Amy Dennison

Employer & Skills Network

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