1 to 100 Theatre Opening Night

1-100 Theatre are opening in Sittingbourne. We are, in simplest terms, a theatre company with NO fees, NO commitment and NO expectations. We are not just your average theatre group, our mission is to create a supportive, inclusive environment to help move you forward whether it is recognised by the 100 or the 1.

Our 1 hour session of fun, silliness and support are aimed to build confidence, create coping mechanisms and offer a safe space to the all and the any.

If you, or your clients, suffer with anxiety, depression, disability or your a lone parent who needs an hour out.

This could be the place for you.

If you would like to know more then head over to our website 1to100theatre.co.uk and refer yourself or your clients to join us on our opening night!

Avenue Theatre, Central Avenue, Sittingbourne. Kent ME10 4DN

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