Be your Best Self

‘Be Your Best Self’is delivered by Traci Ferguson and focuses on building confidence and self-esteem. It runsover sixweeks for twohours each week. The course explores opportunities for you to appreciate and embrace your unique qualities, to build confidence around employability,and to begin to realise your future potential.

The group size is small, with everyone having the opportunity to share experiences in asafe environment. The sessions are interactive, supportive and reflective, enablingself-discovery and ways to move forwards, with ‘What 3 things?’ at the end of each session encouraging small steps to take action. In the first session we look at what is currently most important to you and how your values and beliefs influence your life.

You create a Personal Wheel to understand focus areas; a starting point for facilitating small life changes. Next the focus is on mindset, exploring how you talk about yourself and others and what confidence looks, feels and sounds like.I share some simple tools which have worked for me in managing internal dialogue and in reframing negatives to positives –Thoughts + Feelings =Behaviour. You will then start to explore your personal impact and how low level conflict affects your life.

I share how knowing how you learn and see the world, being in rapport and body language can improve communication for you and those around you.Finally the focus is on your strengths, skills and future opportunities. Have your priorities and Personal Wheel changed over the last 6 weeks? We finish by celebrating what youhave learnt about yourselfandhow youcan move forward to be the very best version of yourself.

Every Wednesday (1.00pm –3.00pm) for 6 weeks starting on Wednesday 22nd May.

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Sittingbourne ME10 4AH, United Kingdom

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