Electrical Multiskill Training E1 – Isolation

This is a basic electrical course covering fundamental theory and basic practice related to the industrial applications of electrical maintenance.

Trainees cover the following topics:

  • Use of electrical instruments such as multi-meters, Meggers, voltage testers and proving units.
  • Electrical diagnostic tests on three-phase electric motors
  • Identifying motors connected in both star and delta configurations
  • Voltage measurements on three-phase and single-phase systems
  • The proper and correct procedure for Electrical Isolation to do electrical work
  • Construction of a Direct-on-line motor starter with 110volt controls,
  • Testing and fault diagnosis,
  • Construction of a reversing starter,

· Construction of a star-delta motor starter.

The emphasis of this course is on understanding industrial electrical systems and knowing the safe working techniques and practices when working on such systems.

Northbank House, Sir Thomas Longley Road, Medway City Estate, Rochester, Kent ME2 4DU

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