Electrical Multiskill Training E5 – Motor Circuits & Invertors

This course introduces candidates to motor starter circuits where soft starting devices are used or motor speed is controlled and varied using invertors.

Trainees cover the following topics:

  • Two speed motors and motor starting techniques,
  • Function and operation of soft starters and invertors
  • The correct methods for connecting invertors or soft starters into circuits,
  • How they should be installed in control panels,
  • Recognising the devices as invertors or soft starters,
  • Understanding their normal operation,
  • Recognise abnormal operation and fault conditions,
  • Understand the dangers of using a Megger to diagnose faults on circuits,

· Further experience in fault diagnosis, particularly with power electronic devices.

On successful completion of this module, trainees will be able to recognise a motor starter and Invertor variable speed drive or soft start configuration and know the correct approach to take in identifying and rectifying faults. They will be able to follow power and control circuit drawings by identifying components and their connection within circuits.

Northbank House, Sir Thomas Longley Road, Medway City Estate, Rochester, Kent ME2 4DU

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