Hydro Hotel Work Experience

The Hydro Hotel in Eastbourne is a 4 Star Hotel and one of the vintage prestigious hotels in Eastbourne steeped in Victorian history. The Hydro Hotel is always very keen to support young people looking for a career in hospitality.  ESN has been working with the Hydro Hotel since the beginning of the Talent Match Project and they have always been very enthusiastic in supporting the work ESN do offering work experience and attending careers events.

ESN was supporting a young person who had seen on our website a work experience opportunity at the Hydro Hotel and wanted to give it a try.

We contacted the hotel and arranged a 3-day work experience.

Travel was arranged for the young person as well as suitable clothing. On the first day the young person was met by a ESN Team Member at the hotel so she could be introduced to the staff who would be supporting her in the placement.

At the end of the first day ESN texted the young person to make sure everything went well for her and if she needed any support. She was contacted daily to ensure she was happy, and everything was going well. On the last day she sent an email to express how much she had enjoyed the opportunity.

ESN got to work to see if the WEX could be turned into a job offer and had discussions with the hotel while receiving feedback on the young person’s performance.

Initial feedback from the employer was that the young lady was a little slow at some of the tasks but knew this would improve with more practice.  At the end of the feedback we asked if they would consider employing her.  The manager of the section she had worked in during her WEX was on annual leave while she was there. The hotel asked if she could pop in that Friday to meet him and show him how well she had picked up the job role.

We arranged for her to do this and have an interview with the manager.  The Human Resources department of the hotel asked us how many hours she would be interested in working.  We told them she would need 16 hours minimum.

By the end of the Interview she was offered a job role for 16 hrs +.

Finished my last day at the Hydro Hotel and I loved every minute of being there.  The people I got to work with were just the kindest, loveliest, and most wonderful people to work with.  I really would love to have stayed on – it was the best experience I have ever had.

On receiving the news of the job role:  “I could not be happier”

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