Interview Preparation Session


Of the eight young people who attended our Interview Preparation Session, FOUR were successful in gaining a place on the Get into M&S programme and one other is on the reserve list!

When we had confirmation that Prince’s Trust were working with M&S to do a Get into M&S programme in East Sussex, ESN discussed with the mentors giving our candidates the best possible chance of getting on the programme by running an Interview Preparation Session for our young people. By asking the young people to come to the session in their interview clothes we would be able to establish if any items needed to be bought for them prior to interview. As a qualified trainer Jayne was able to turn this around very quickly and make it as relevant as possible for the young people.

  • Useful; Preparation and promising feedback
  • Found the tips and Mock Interview useful, now I know my own weaknesses and how to improve
  • Lots of useful and relevant tips that will be really helpful with interviews, feedback is particularly helpful and enable me to work on my interview skills
  • Useful preparation and good feedback
  • I now feel confident and prepared to go into an interview session
  • Picked up a lot of good tips. Useful learnt how to present myself in an interview and answers to give
  • Learnt on how to present myself for the interview on Monday
This is what the young people said when we asked them

"What did you get out of today?"

  • Enjoyed the session was really useful
  • Also enjoyed the session massively helped me loads
  • A strong session that has taught me new skills that will be permanently useful
  • Enjoyed it
  • Session was very informative and fun
This is what the young people said when we asked

for their overall comments

  • Jayne is Fabulous
  • Just carry on doing great
  • So clear and understanding
  • Great Teacher
  • Great, really helpful
  • Jayne is easy to understand
This is what the young people said when we asked

for their comments about Jayne

The Prince’s Trust Make Your Mark retail course, delivered in partnership with Marks & Spencer, gives young people the skills to get ahead.


How the course works:
Meet new people and gain a wide range of experiences within M&S stores as well as support from M&S staff to help you to potentially secure a job in retail. We’ll also help you with your CV and interview skills. Not only will it boost your confidence and employability skills, but you’ll also have the chance to benefit from support from one of our mentors to help you uncover your next steps. Click here to find out more.

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