Jobs Fair

Within the KATO extended membership, KATO and Employer & Skills Network attend various Jobs Fairs across Kent to showcase the opportunities that our members offer.

On July 26th 2019 we attended the Jobs Fair Career Show which took place at Priestfield Stadium, Gillingham.

This careers show held a range of opportunities for the unemployed or looking for a new opportunity.

Over 750 job seekers attended and gained new input from various sectors such as Hospitality, Care, Retail and many more.

Whilst representing the wide variety of KATO network opportunities and the ESN opportunities, we were able to highlight the opportunities within WARD Security. This opportunity allowed members of the public to see the opportunities within the Security sector and allow ESN to engage with them to offer support to take steps back into employment.


A very successful day – we engaged with over 50 jobseekers from a range of ages.

KATO understands that due to time constraints and funding not all employers/training providers are able to attend these careers shows to showcase their opportunities effectively which is why KATO are currently offering the extended membership.

The next event held by Jobs Fair in Kent will take place
on 1st May 2020 at Priestfield Stadium in Gillingham

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