Katie’s Story

Katie was informed about Launch Pad from Medway Council and she came into HeArt in Chatham one Friday morning with her Dad to potentially get signed up to Launch Pad and to find out more about the project itself.

Claire from Employer & Skills Network talked Katie through Launch Pad and what we could offer.  Tony was assigned as Katie’s CXK mentor, a role that was subsequently taken over by Nikki Tutt.  Nikki has been working with Katie and supporting her in her personal wellbeing and using Launch Pad bursary to support her in travel and personal items.

Katie attended at the right
time on the right date!!

Claire had just received an email from Karen Scott at Future Coders in respect of a new cohort for their 3 month traineeship programme,  Claire thought Katie would be a potential match as Katie had attended University for 2 years studying Computer Game (ART) degree and she knew that the new traineeship was working on an app for a gallery showcasing artists’ work.   

ESN arranged an initial meeting between Karen Scott and Katie.  Karen was pleased and keen to get Katie on board and Katie was excited to start.  Throughout the traineeship ESN & CXK have been on hand to support Katie and keep in touch with Future Coders for feedback throughout her traineeship.  Katie has also attended various meetings at Launch Pad, as well as a NCS appointment looking at career paths.  Claire also completed several sessions looking at apprenticeships, links to other educational organisations and relevant jobs to apply for.


Started in 2016, @futureCodersSE aims to create great coders and to link them with employers. We work with young people, aged between 16 and 24. We help them learn to code through our education programme, of hackathons, coding workshops, project workshops and careers events. We help them to become more skilled and more employable through our work experience programme. We certify their skills, attitudes and behaviours in line with the SFIA skills framework and introduce them to employers.

We don’t pretend coding is easy and we encourage all our young participants to work hard, to practice their skills and so to improve. We know that this has benefits in terms of employability and digital literacy.

We work with schools, colleges, youth organisations and businesses to identify, encourage and develop young people. Young people can apply directly to be part of our work-experience programme, or might be identified and encouraged through our education programme. Our certification process can help employers have more confidence in recruiting a young person.

Our mission…

Is to increase the number of UK educated, skilled, young developers in the talent pool to help digital businesses in the UK thrive for generations to come.

Katie worked with us on our ‘ArtWorkingWords’ app project from 8th June to 21st September 2019, giving one full day and one evening per week to her work with us.  She attended our workplace every session and always arrived promptly.   She had not had any experience of writing code before but she was a keen learner and learnt to create simple apps in HTML/CSS and JavaScript relatively quickly.  In fact, she learnt so quickly that she was able to contribute some key feature code for the app, focusing on sound recording.  She contributed code and design ideas and she was a productive member of our team.  We have regular stand ups and retrospective discussions and Katie is gradually becoming a little more confident and working towards realising that her contributions are really valuable and that she should make her voice heard. Katie was part of a successful team that delivered the app project on time and to the specification required.  Katie supported us in demonstrating the app at The Halpern Gallery.   I am pleased to be able to offer Katie a place on our next project where I know she will continue to develop her skills and her confidence. 


Karen Scott

Director/Founder, @futureCodersSE

My experience with Launch Pad began with me meeting Claire who I can honestly say is a wonderful and lovely person.  She helped me find some work experience and from the second I was there Claire made me feel comfortable. It was fate that brought me to Launch Pad because Claire on that day during my meeting received an email about FutureCoders and immediately said “I have just the thing for you, it literally just came through on my email”. At first I was really worried because I had never done coding before but I had a little interview with Karen the owner of FutureCoders and she made me feel extremely at ease and after that I learnt how to code and made friends with everyone there. When I told Claire we were having issues paying for the travel expenses  she introduced me to Nikki my adviser who was very understanding and helped us work out with Launch Pad a way to get some money back from all the petrol we were spending.  At some point Launch Pad even helped me buy some new clothes because I kept turning up in holey clothes. Everyone was really lovely and lead to me meeting Karen who has asked me to return for a second time in order to help with her app.  I am very thankful to Launch Pad and everything they have done for me. They gave me the confidence to work with new people and pursue something that I had not considered before.



Katie is a very creative talented individual who has always attended when required, completed any given tasks and has developed additional skills she can use when completing job applications. Katie has showcased her art which is fantastic, both Nikki and I are PROUD to work alongside such a talented individual and sincerely wish Katie good luck in her career path.

Claire Marshall

Employer & Skills Network

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