Launch into Games & Apps


In March 2019 a group of 6 young people took part in a  3 day course Launch into Games and Apps design.


This was designed for those young people who had expressed an interest in the sector but had no formal qualifications in the subject and wanted to explore their options.  The goal of the course was to explore the sector but also look at types of jobs they may look to take while completing work experience or qualifications.

Over the three days the young people explored the following areas: 

  • The differences between App/game design and App/game development
  • Good App/Game design vs Bad App/Game design
  • The career path
  • The hiring process
  • “Survival jobs”


There were lots of group working activities involved, the group had the opportunity to design their own computer game.  From character design to story development.

The young people also met with Rob from Dovetail Games, who explored the different types of roles available with dovetail and how to make your applications stand out.

Karen from Future Coders showed the young people an app that they had been developing and the group got the chance to test and learn from this.

As a group they all explored transferable skills and interests when looking at “survival jobs” and the most effective ways to job search.

“It was very helpful. I feel like this course gave me all information I needed to get into the videogames industry.”

Quote from a young person who attended the event.

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