AMS Training – Level 3 First Aid

November 2018

Phoenix House, Sittingbourne.

Number interested: 16    Number referred: 11

Number attended: 11  –  Mix of TMSE and Launch Pad learners

The Hub-funded First Aid Level 3 course was arranged to support existing TMSE young people and Launch Pad participants to improve their individual skill set and to ensure the TMSE participants had additional qualifications to support their chances of gaining employability especially as TMSE is coming to an end in December 2018.

 We decided to run the training from our Launch Pad venue as this training was bespoke for our learners.  Andy Smith of AMS Training delivered it over two days to support our learners as the Level 3 is an intensive course requiring practical assessment and individual questioning at the end.

‘The group gelled really well together, this training is intensive and from previous experience of working within TMSE we deemed it necessary to deliver the training over two days as to allow learning and the assessments to be completed in a style that suits TMSE/LP leaners. Well done to you all’

Andy Smith

AMS Training


  • 11 learners completed the training
  • 9 learners passed and gained the level 3 accreditation
  • 2 learners gained an attendance certificate for Emergency First Aid at Work, this is due to the practical assessment requirements of CPR not being met due to disability.
  • All the learners really enjoyed the 2 days training and worked well supporting one another.
  • One learner has recently passed his SIA training and said this will be an asset when applying for security jobs.

“I found it really useful and knowledgeable”

“The course was much better than I expected”

“I found the course highly rewarding, and it was a privilege to meet Andy along the way who helped me throughout”

Comments from some participants

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