Oliver’s Story – Inspiring Talent

The Inspiring Talent event brings young people and employers together in a less formal environment.  During the event young people can find out more about the local employers and the kind of job roles they offer and it provides an opportunity for young people to have direct contact and engagement with businesses from a variety of sectors, undertake practical challenges and learn about the skills needed for jobs in the local area.


Oliver is a very bright young person who had a place at Southampton University to do a degree in Physics.  However, soon into the course he realised that it was tough being at Uni away from home and friends and struggled to keep up with the course work.  After a year of trying he quit Uni.  He went back home and was lost as to what to do next.  ESN suggested that he joined Talent Match.  His first activity with Talent Match was to attend the Inspiring Talent event in Eastbourne.

Oliver attended the Inspiring Talent event in Eastbourne and talked a lot with SAGA who were at the event looking for new employees.  Also, Prince’s Trust were at the event letting young people know about a Get into Engineering Programme they were running in Crawley.  Oliver was interested in both these opportunities and discussed both with Jayne from ESN.  In the end he decided to sign up for the Get into Engineering Programme.  This would be a struggle for him to get to Crawley but he was prepared to get up every morning before 6am to make the journey and he was not getting home much before 7pm in the evening.

At the end of the programme Oliver was offered an apprenticeship with the engineering company and after assessment the offer was for a degree apprenticeship.  He is now working full time and studying for a degree in engineering.

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