Project ECS Course Case Study

Overview of the course:

Course entailed a series of workshops delivered over 3 days especially designed to support young people who had been on Talent Match South East  for 12 months or more. An offer of employability with a fresh twist and a measurable positive experience.

The project had been specifically designed to empower young people to use their employability skills they already had but to also gain more through participating in grouped activities.


All participants were guaranteed a 1-day work placement with an employer, giving each the equal opportunity to experience the world of work. One young person resulted in having an interview with an employer which lead to an offer of work experience for 1 day a week for a period of 6 weeks.

Each participant also completed an additional 1 day Accredited Health and Safety in the Work Place Level 1 and awarded certificates at a celebration lunch that took place a few weeks after the course had finished. Participates mentor, family and close friends were invited to celebrate and share their achievements.

It was great to see the transition of increased confidence within each participate through the grouped activities & workshops that enhanced social inclusion.

Participants’ travel was reimbursed, lunch was provided every day and an  completion gift of a Tablet was presented to each person so they could have access to searching for work/jobs independently with the skills they had learnt.



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