Samuel’s Story – Work Experience


Samuel had quit University and was very anxious and withdrawn when ESN first met him.  He was referred by his specialist mentor to ESN for Job Jump activity and work experience as the sector he wanted to work in was IT and the mentor’s knowledge in this area was limited.  Jayne from ESN worked with him and she had contact in IT departments in the area.

“Sam quickly fitted in well with the IT Team, he was approachable and understood the department’s priorities”


Head of IT Department, Hastings Borough Council

The first activity Samuel did with ESN was a visit to SKY Studios in London seeing how programmes are made and all the different types of opportunities that are available at SKY.

At the same time Jayne was working with Hastings Borough Council to see if a Work Experience could be arranged for Samuel in their IT department, an activity that the council’s IT department had not done before.  After meeting with Hastings Borough Council HR department and then meeting with the Head of IT at Hastings Borough Council, it was decided that what they would do is interview Samuel to ensure that the work experience was right for him.  An interview was arranged, and Samuel was given pre-interview support by ESN alongside attending the interview with him.  Although Samuel was very nervous, Jayne knew that once he was talking IT, he would be comfortable.  The interview went well, and it was obvious to the Head of IT that Samuel’s knowledge of IT systems was good, and they offered him a 1 week work experience.  Samuel did really well during the work experience and soon after Hastings Borough Council asked if he would like another work experience period which would offer him the opportunity of gaining skills in different areas.  At the end of this work experience the Head of IT for Hastings Borough Council was happy to provide Samuel a reference and gave him suggestions on how he could improve his career prospects with the IT sector.

“Loved the Work Experience at Hastings Borough Council”


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